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Helping Entrepreneur’s Disciple the Nations through Marketplace Ministry.

Joseph Pedroza

Marketplace Ministry Coach

Founder of Ephesians 6 Coaching LLC

The vision that drives Joseph is to see in the world kingdom leaders and warriors who are deeply rooted in biblical truth and committed to building unstoppable kingdom movements through business and ministry that stand tall as altars of hope. Together, we’ll bring forth the power of the kingdom to walk as kingdom ambassadors to set captives free , witness miraculous moves of YAH, nurturing healthy relationships that empowers others to step into their purpose and transform lives, advancing the Kingdom of YAH on earth and removing the chains that hold us down.

How May I Help You?

“For all creation is eagerly waiting for the revealing of the children of YAH.”– Romans 8:19

Breakthrough Call

Prayer and Prophetic Breakthrough call. Let’s step into the throne room together, and see what The Father reveals through His Son, His Word, and His Spirit for insight, encouragement, breakthrough, and more!

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If you have been seeking fresh revelation, Seeking a community of like minded, kingdom Ambassadors join the group today!


Are you overwhelmed with warfare and you need deliverance? Christ came to set you free it is time to walk in your inheritance an the start is just a phone call away. Set up a FREE call.

Our Mandate

“Our Mandate is to empower kingdom-driven individuals, unlocking their unique purpose and guiding them towards a life of clarity, confidence, and dominion. Committed to bridging the gap between faith and business, offering strategic guidance and tools to grow businesses grounded in kingdom purpose. Dedicated to mindset renewal and perspective shifts that causes the kingdom of God to come to earth through its ambassadors.

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