About Me

Hey! Joseph P here , here’s a little about myself I’m dedicated to teaching Scripture with correct biblical etymology, context, and revelation. My purpose is to equip Gods set apart people through Christ and His Spirit.

I’ve been  commissioned by the Most High, to help truly renew his peoples minds and walk in dominion. 

My heart’s desire is to empower these Leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, prophetic warriors,5 fold ministers into nation-changing saints. Helping them set the captives free,  witness the sick healed by the power of Christ and experience the will of the father on earth as it is in heaven. 

Through online coaching, courses, and community, I teach those in the kingdom to engage in effective spiritual warfare, imparting new perspectives that challenge conventional thinking. Including  but not limited to nurturing prophetic abilities, wielding

spiritual gifts, and gaining deeper discernment. I emphasize the importance of scriptural truth, honesty, and authenticity, while teaching to be balanced valuing family, relationships, and biblical stewardship. Together, My clients and I embrace a wholistic approach  and explore the profound mysteries of being an ambassador of the kingdom of God. 

Understanding the challenges faced by Yehovah’s set apart people, I address their lack of healing, deliverance, and strategies as well as the barriers arising from imposter syndrome, past experiences, and other obstacles that arise. 

together we can embrace the divine call. and Impact the world!

About Ephesians 6 Coaching

Here at Ephesians 6 Coaching, we are a Christ Centered business that’s on a mission to take bring heaven to earth through practical kingdom living. To bring the life of Kingdom ambassadors into alignment with the promises that Christ has spoken over them. To help those in the kingdom of God clarify the vision that God has for them as well as how to walk that out in dominion.

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My Goal

“My goal is to empower kingdom-driven individuals, unlocking their unique purpose and guiding them towards a life of clarity, confidence, and dominion.”

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